Weekend Drummer: What is a weekend drummer?

Over the course of the next few posts, I am going to dive into some information that I believe will be useful to drummers but mainly weekend drummers. So then what is a weekend drummer?

Instead of coming up with a phrase to define a weekend drummer I thought it would be better to define the term by answering the following questions.

  • Does the drummer have another job?
  • Does it count if the job that the drummer has is in the music field?
  • What days of the week are these gigs?
  • Where are the gigs played and for whom?
  • How often does a weekend drummer play?
  • What type of music is played?


  • The person may or may not have a job and it doesn’t matter what field the job is in.
  • The gigs can be any day of the week but they are usually on Friday or Saturday.
  • Gigs are usually in bars, clubs, conference rooms, churches where the drummer has to bring their own kit, community theaters, and other various small to medium size places.
  • Gigs are usually for the attendees of the bar, club, or public events (town fair). For private events (wedding reception, mitzvahs, corporate events) then the people invited are who you are playing for.
  • It doesn’t matter. You have one gig a year or gig for multiple bands multiple times a week.
  • All of it. The type of music varies from gig to gig and even from set to set within a gig. Most weekend drummers are in bands that cover tunes of different artists, of different genres, from many different eras of music.

If you are only doing the following then I am excluding you as a weekend drummer but not from the information I’m going to share.

  • Internet drummer – Drummers who only play on social media accounts If this is the only time you play drums, aside from practicing, then you do not fit the definition of a weekend drummer.
  • Studio drummer – Drummers who only playing in a studio setting. This one is a little more rare to find but there are some drummers out there who only do studio work.

The term “weekend drummer” is not the best of all terms and there is a gray area when talking about who is included and who is not. There are things that I am going to address that could be for every kind of drummer on the face of the planet. However, for the purposes of reaching out to a specific group of drummers, this was the best term that came to mind since a term like “working drummer” or ”gigging drummer” was too broad. Now that we have an idea of a weekend drummer is lets move forward with the concerns.

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